Sometimes you just need to slow down!



Sometimes you just need to slow down!

That is the reflection of the day. I have been reflecting on how many people and I am one of them, go at such a fast rate that you miss very important details and this is something that actually happened to me.

Where I am making decisions and I don’t realize sometimes how the people that are on my team, the people that are with me on this journey, how they feel, how they’re struggling and you miss those details that can have a major impact ultimately in your goal, and you will not get the results that you want.

So today I’m making it a point to slow down a little bit and make sure that I am reflecting on the effect that my decisions and my speed is having on others. Sometimes you just need to slow down!

Reflect, Reset and Reconnect.

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“Toda mi vida, la he actuado con el propósito firme de ayudar a mi comunidad y de muchas formas lo sigo logrando, por eso mi consejo es: visualízate, confía en el poder de tu mente y atrae lo que quieres para ti; sí se puede vivir el sueño”

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