How to identify if you are depleting your energy on someone else. That is the reflection of the day. This is an interesting question because so many times, when I am speaking with people that come to me to ask for my advice, I like to listen deeply and with a lot of interest. Hearing out what the person has to say. I had the opportunity of mentoring someone this morning and this is how I got into this podcast today. I was listening and I kept listening to this individual just talk about the other person that she is with. I listened and pretty much every statement had to do with, but he’s doing this, but he’s not doing this, but he’s not listening, but he’s… And it could be that this person actually is not the right person for this individual to be with, but when I’m listening with love and kindness, I’m actually feeling sorry and feeling the pain of the situation because I can see that she is depleting all her energy into this individual and that individual might not even be worth her energy. But you won’t find out until you make a conscious decision to stop and say, “ I Say No More”. I am going to start feeding my soul on a daily basis. I am going to start doing these daily deposits of meditation, of listening to a book that’s going to help me improve. Concentrating on mindfulness. Little by little, you take that energy every time that you’re putting it, you want to put it on this other person and you put it on yourself. How do you nurture yourself? What are the things that are going to bring you joy? What are the things that are going to bring you peace? Is it where the person, let’s say is arguing with you and you decide that you are not going to continue to argue. I’m actually going to go to my bathroom and go and fill the tub with warm water and take a glass of wine and start reading a book and start nurturing your soul. That is the way that we take our power back. Because when you allowed that energy to just go into this person, you are depleting yourself and then, the energy is not there for you. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect and take a look at the relationships that you have in your life. Are you depleting the energy that you need for you? Choose you today!

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