Why do we tolerate the things we do?

Why do we tolerate the things we do? That is the reflection of the day. Tolerance is one of those words that I have been thinking about this week as I’ve been doing some exercises on tolerance. The understanding of tolerance is something that we should all be curious about because tolerating really depletes our energy in our lives. When we tolerate, we start by tolerating bad habits within us. I’ll give you an example, if you are somebody that is overweight and you know that you are eating at the wrong time, that you’re eating the wrong things, that you know what you need to do but somehow you become tolerant of this habit you somehow have embraced, the habit and a lot of that has to do with your inner soul. There is something going on that you don’t understand. There are blind spots that you don’t understand. Subconsciously, you’re acting out with force. Something that has been in your past and somehow you still don’t understand it. So you continue eating the wrong things, not exercising. You know what’s not good for you but you tolerate those bad habits. Then, you transform that into relationships. You tolerate people mistreating you. You are already mistreating your body and, many times, you start mistreating your mind and your soul by the way that you think about yourself. The way that you speak about yourself and that is that tolerance right? You’re tolerating you, treating yourself the way that you do not deserve to be treated. The way that, many times, you wouldn’t even treat someone else. Then, as you begin to tolerate so much of yourself, you begin to tolerate the mistreatment of others towards you. You’re getting relationships that are really not serving you that you’re getting nothing out of it but you’re looking within so you’re tolerating this negative behavior for yourself. You’re tolerating being your worst enemy. So, then, it becomes easier to tolerate other bad relationships. This is a vicious cycle that I see and I lived that cycle for a long time. But what I want to bring to you is the fact that there is hope through daily deposits and through daily affirmations. I talk about many of these tools. You take a step to get out of the tolerant behavior that you have created little by little. The first thing that you need to be bringing to the surface is awareness and awareness comes out of curiosity and questioning. So today, I want you to really reflect on this question. Why do I tolerate the things that don’t serve me? Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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