Who do you trust when you feel like you’re in parentheses! That is the reflection of the day. When I say you´re in parentheses, I mean you’re in a place where you feel that no matter what you do, you are not going to be able to get out of it! At times, we all feel in our lives that feeling of not being able to get out of the pain. But I want you to reflect when you’re there. Who do you reach out to? Do you reach out to God? Do you believe that connection is strong enough? That your faith in him would allow you to get out of it! That you will learn to see the light, you will get the wisdom to be able to go in the right direction, you believe in him and, therefore, you believe in yourself. If you are not there, it’s ok. The beauty of life is that you get to reflect everyday as I say. This is why I love reflecting because it gives you the opportunity and it opens your mind to be able to see a different way. The spiritual connection that we feel is something that is desperately needed in our lives. When we are not spiritually connected, that’s when the Evil takes over, the darkness takes over! So today, I want you to reflect when you are stuck in the parentheses. Are you believing that the lord will come back and help you and that he will be there right by your side? If you don’t believe in the Lord, then it’s ok. Believe in something because the spiritual connection is a critical connection. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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