United we can do more! That is the reflection of the day.
Today, I come to you with a plea to reflect on your contribution during this crisis in support of those in need. We can remain in a space of fear, darkness and protection mode for ourselves and the closest people to us, but let’s go one step further and reflect on our daily actions during this time of crisis, where we have a lot more time to think over how our actions on a daily basis are impacting other people lives. I can tell you that I am not sad today. I’ve struggled today but I’ve been very strong trying to really stay focused on what actions I am doing everyday, every minute of the day that is going to impact the people that we’ve been supporting. The people from our mission. The undocumented population that is hurting more than any population out there. They have lost their jobs. They are afraid to go to the emergency room. They are dying in the rooms that many of them live in, as I hear on the news how they are being found without life. They are afraid and alone. We realize now that everything being said in the news since yesterday is that 30% of the people dying in New York City are Hispanic. It is going to get even worse. This population doesn’t even have the access to testing. Many of the testing sites are set up so that you need an ID and a car to drive through. When you call the hotline at the Department of Health or any of the sites, most of them do not even have a Spanish menu. I can tell you that I know that together we can help support this community. What are you doing to support the people in need during this time of crisis? That is my ask for you today because I know that together, we could do more to save people’s lives. So today, please reflect, reset and reconnect.

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