#YoDigoNoMas A journey through the life of Maria Trusa, a brave woman who was able to overcome sexual abuse and now breaks the silence to inspire thousands of survivors to raise their voice and heal.

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It took Maria Trusa 47 years to raise her voice and tell her story of sexual abuse she suffered at the age of 9. Now she breaks the silence to inspire millions of survivors to heal their trauma. This book offers emotional tools that have helped Maria Trusa in her day to day life to become the woman, entrepreneur, powerful and successful that she is today. This is a journey through the personal experience of a woman who pulled herself up by her own bootstraps and overcame all the obstacles that life put in front of her. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse or want to know how to overcome difficult situations or are simply looking to empower yourself and transform your life, this book is for you. In it you can find:

  • An inspiring life testimony that will give you tools to forge your own path.
  • Practical help to overcome a traumatic situation and come out stronger.
  • Recommendations and exercises to heal the pain of abuse
  • Lessons in forgiveness and compassion
  • Tools to accept what cannot be changed
  • Exercises to let go of guilt and pain

Maria was able to completely reverse her story, becoming a community leader and activist, constantly fighting to eradicate the stigma of sexual abuse and all types of abuse in the Latino community with the #Yodigonomas movement. Here you will discover the wide range of shades that make up the life of someone who has suffered sexual abuse, while this is a relevant aspect, it does not define the path of survivors and Maria Trusa proves every day that she is the protagonist of her own story. These pages are loaded with learning methods that help you rewrite your story and heal the traumatic experiences that marked you to leave a mark and transform lives.