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During your visit to our website  we may store some or all of the information described below:

  • IP Address from which you access the site.
  • Date and Time of Access.
  • Name of the file(s) or words you searched for.
  • Links you clicked.

This information is used to measure the number of users accessing different sections of our site and to identify the performance of our system or problems to be solved in addition to expanding site coverage, analyzing usage patterns and making the site more useful. However, this information is not used to associate user navigation terms or patterns.

The website deletes these files periodically and at no time shares the information with third parties for advertising, marketing or any other commercial purpose.


Personal information

The website, collect the personal information you provide to us on our contact forms to respond to your message or respond to your request.  At no time will it be used for purposes other than those authorized by you at the time of diligence. In addition, we do not share information with operators or third parties.


Site security

This website has the necessary security certificates to protect your information and ours.

With the exception of law enforcement investigations, no other attempt is made to identify users of the site or their usage habits.


External links

At we conduct a thorough review of external links and ensure that they comply with our privacy and security policy. However, if you click on an external link, you will leave our site and you will need to review the policies of those sites.


Use and distribution

The information contained on this site is for the exclusive use of Its unauthorized use and distribution may result in serious legal penalties.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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