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María Trusa was born in the Dominican Republic, where with a precarious lifestyle she spent her early years of life. At the age of 9, in the midst of difficulties, many caused by her father's alcoholism, Maria suffered a indecent assault that almost cost her life. It was as a result of this event that she managed to gather the forces necessary to transform her pain into the impulse necessary to find healing, growth and success.

At the age of 15, she arrived in the United States with the firm purpose of learning the language and joining Scarsdale Medical Group, while continuing her journey of constant improvement. Her commitment and dedication to achieving her goals led her to ascending progressively in Scarsdale, becoming a medical assistant in 1989, leader of the management team in 1992 and then, Executive Director in 2008. There, she set goals and led the organization into a multibillion-dollar institution with more than 200 employees.

Years of Experience
Book Published
Lives Changed

While performing her job successfully, Maria sought ways to honor her Latin roots through cooperation with the less-favored Hispanic community living in New York City. It was her vision and commitment, which after 26 years at Scarsdale Medical Group and a critical episode in her health, led her to make in 2015, the decision to leave her job to join Gina Cappelli and create Formé Medical Center, an entity that provides quality, comprehensive and dignified health services to the vulnerable Hispanic community, especially those who are undocumented or with indefinite immigration status who are not able to have social security.

In 2019, María Trusa impacted local media by completing “The New York Marathon” at the age of 55; proving that there are no limits to achieving proposed goals.

Maria is Vice President of the Westchester Chamber of Commerce, lecturer at Women Entrepreneurs’ Groups in New York State and participant in the documentary, “Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit” which will premiere in 2020 and tells the story of 7 people, who lived traumatic situations but chose the path of creation. There, Maria tells her story for the first time as a victim of non-consensual bodily acts in order to raise awareness of this scourge that plagues both men and women of all ages and social classes at a global level.

Today with her 3 children by her side, Maria seeks a way to empower the Hispanic community which is why she wrote her own book, “YoDigoNoMas” (“I Say No More”), in which she shares the tools to transform negative energy and focus it on achieving success , personal fulfilment and ongoing growth…

The Story

of my life…


Maria’s mother leaves the Dominican Republic to the United States


At the age of 9, Maria suffered an injustice that almost took her life.


Maria migrates to the United States at the age of 15.


Maria gets married to her first husband and moves to Yonkers, New York.


Her first son, Franco, is born.


Her second son, Jeffrey is born. Gloria joins the family to care for the children. Maria dedicates her time to Scarsdale Medical Group.


Maria gets divorced and moves to White Plains, NY with Gloria and children.


Maria buys her first home where she lived with her mother and children.


Maria remarries.


Her daughter, Natasha, is born.


Maria Trusa suffers from surgical complications and goes through a life-threatening experience. This situation was the catalyst to her calling in helping the Hispanic Community.


Her first grandchild is born.


Maria leaves Scardale Medical Group and joins Gina Cappelli at Formé Medical Center.


Maria gets divorced from her second husband. Maria and business partner, Gina Cappelli create a unique program for the uninsured community known as the “Formé Medical Membership” at Formé Medical Center.


For the first time, Maria tells her story in a documentary called, “Trauma to Triumph-The Rise of the Entrepreneur.”


Maria runs for the first time “The New York City Marathon” with her sons, Franco and Jeffrey at the age of 55.


Maria writes her own book, “YoDigoNoMas” which becomes a movement.


Book Recommendations

“The Power of the Subconscious Mind”
by Joseph Murphy
“The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”
by Stephen R. Covey
“The Whole-Brain Child”
by Daniel J. Siegel
“The Five Languages of Love”
by Gary Chapman
“Atomic Habits”
by James Clear
“Crash The Chatterbox”
by Steven Furtick
“Think and Grow Rich”
by Napoleon Hill
“What I Have Learned in Life”
by Oprah Winfrey
“The Conscious Parent”
by Daniel J. Siegel and Mary Hartzell
“Start with Why”
by Simon Sinek
“Emotional Intelligence”
by Daniel Goleman
“Influencer: The Power to Change Anything”
by Kerry Patterson
“Dare to Lead”
by Brene Brown
“The Magic of Thinking Big”
by David Schwartz
“The 5 Second Rule”
by Mel Robbins


in the past years

Empower your Positive Thoughts- Book Signing and Launch, June 2019- Master of Ceremony

Living Your Best Life Starts with You: Learn the Basics & Benefits of Mindful Eating & Meditation from Health & Wellness Industry Experts, June 2019 – Speaker

White Plains Rotary Club, August 2019- Speaker

Department of Family and Social Medicine
Montefiore Medical Center-Social Medicine Rounds, August 2019- Speaker

Women and Riches Event, September 2019-Speaker

Purse with a Purpose: A United Way Event, September 2019-Speaker

Tri-State Healthcare Diversity Summit: “Creating an Inclusive Environment of Care, October 2019- Speaker

Professional Women of Westchester- Powerful Women, October 2019- Panelist

Good Scout Diversity Breakfast, November 2019- Master of Ceremony

CMM IV Women’s World Summit, November 2019-Speaker

Best You by Design, November 2019- Workshop

NAHREP in Brooklyn, January 2020- Speaker

Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce of New York 2020 – Keynote speaker

Westchester Medical and Dental Assistant School, 2020- Motivational Speaker

Westchester Community College Workplace Culture Coaching-20th Anniversary Celebration, May 2018- Award for 10 years of coaching women with English as their second language.

Immigration Reform: Pros and Cons for Westchester Economy, October 2017- Panelist

Father Chris’ Radio Show- WVOX, March 2018- Guest Speaker

Kaffury Magazine, March 2018- Interview

The Wellness and Health Event-White Plains School District, April 2018- Panelist

Queens Women Chamber of Commerce, September 2018- Award

TV Appearance Channel 12, October 2018- Interview

Long Island with Latino TV News, October 2018- Interview

Westchester Medical Center_PPS Summit, November 2018- Speaker

Women and Wealth, November 2018-Speaker

Queens Women Chamber of Commerce Gala, December 2018-Master of Ceremony

Wealth and Health Event, February 2019-Speaker

TV Appearance Channel 33 HD Spanish Health TV- Dr. Rigoberto Perez- Special Guest

Women and Wealth, April 2019-Panelist

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