Replacing the I with a WE, that is the reflection today.

Today, as we were reflecting at Formé with our admin team, this was the reflection for this morning. We do this every morning for 15 minutes. The night before, one person from the group sends a reflection. Today’s reflection really hit home for us because my business partner, Gina and her husband were diagnosed with the virus. Although we are afraid, we are together and united to make sure that Gina and Paul know we are there for them and that we are praying for them; doing everything we can to support them. It made us also reflect on how many people are not taking the virus seriously and they don’t realize that their decision alone could affect the life of many others. I think for the first time each one of us could actually be responsible to avoid hurting others. This is why I am asking you today to please reflect on how you are acting during this time. Are you being responsible or are you being careless? Today is a day that you can reflect, reset and reconnect with humanity.

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