Let’s go back to love and kindness in times of frustration. That is the reflection of the day.

I want to share with you that this week I have been challenged by people that I don’t even speak with. People that I know have ill feelings towards me and want to find a way to hurt me. We all have people that want to do this to us. Unfortunately, it is a part of life. Sometimes, they affect you indirectly and other times, they affect you directly . What I mean by that is that they use other people who are close to you and
love dearly to try to hurt you. That is the case for me this time. What I realized this week was that I was allowing these people to slowly get me to a space of frustration and feelings that were creating negativity. It is so easy when you have enemies to get frustrated and you want to wish ill back but it is so important that we are aware of this and when we reflect and reset, we find a way to send love and kindness because love and kindness prevails. The love and kindness that you are sending to those people will come back to you. I love a meditation that is all about love and kindness and it says, “Send those people that are your enemies, people that don’t like you, love and kindness through this meditation which goes like this, “May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be at peace!” So please reflect on the people that are causing these negative feelings in your soul and send them love and kindness to reflect, reset and reconnect.

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