How to stop those superficial conversations and create a deep connection. That is the reflection of the day. I have been participating in a program that’s called “Awaken Athena”. There is a core value that they promote that I happen to love. That core value is “Truth first, integrity always”. Think of those words. So when we are sometimes having conversations with people, especially those people that are very close to us and I’m going to concentrate on this podcast on those conversations with our loved one. It could be your spouse, your significant other or your husband or wife. Obviously, your spouse. I wanted to concentrate on the fact of how many times you have these conversations that are very superficial. Like, how are you doing? How was your day? How is this person doing and how is this person doing their homework? You go on with these conversations that are just a few words that would have when you ask the question. A few words of an answer. You realize that there’s something going on but somehow you are afraid to confront it and you decide just to give the answers and continue on the superficial communication and connection instead of saying, “what is going on? Why are we having this superficial conversation? Is there something going on? If there is something going on and you need time then, give each other the time to digest whatever is happening and then, reconnect when you can have the deep conversation. This is something that, unfortunately, happens too often. People just go through their marriages where they are having very superficial conversations. It could not be a marriage. It could be, you just have a couple and you are having issues. You are creating resentment because there are things that are bothering you but somehow you’re not able to express them. Little by little you built this wall that is so hard to break and the conversations become more and more superficial and the depth gets destroyed. So today, I want you to reflect on the conversations that you’re having or the conversations that you are receiving from someone else that is your significant other. Realize, if there is something going on because if the conversations that you are having are superficial then, there is something deeper that you need to go and find in order to be able to create a strong, deep connection. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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