How to break a vicious cycle. That is the reflection of the day. This concept that I’m going to be sharing with you is something that I have implemented in many areas of my life. I think if we break the areas of our lives that we always have to work on, we will start with spirituality, your body, your being, financially and romantic. So I am sharing with you a conversation that I had with a friend of mine that was saying how she’s almost 40 and she realizes that she really wants to establish a healthy relationship with someone. That eventually, she can get married and have the house and, possibly, have kids. She also adopted a daughter, has been raising her daughter and was telling me about her life. She was sharing with me some of the decisions that she’s made. I was explaining to her that if this is what she wants, she clearly needs to have a list of exactly how she envisions this relationship to be, this husband to be and her life to be. Then, what you have to do is based on that goal that you’ve created, you have to look at the decisions that you are making every day and the people that you are so surrounding yourself with. So, is this person going to get me closer to that goal? Is this person healthy for me to have in my circle of friends or my circle of love? Is this person going to help me get closer to that? Is this action that I’m taking now going to get me closer to that goal that I’ve created, to that vision that I’ve created? If the answer is “No!”, then you need to let it go, shift and move on. I know that this is hard to do. That we need to, like everything else, when you build a muscle. So, the idea is that you’re going to continue. As you get clear on your goals, then you continue making decisions on a daily basis that are going to get you closer to that and sometimes you are going to take a step back or maybe two because you chose the wrong thing and it is not going to get you closer to your goal. But, ultimately, you are learning to build the muscle where you continue to make decisions on a daily basis that are going to get you closer to that. That is in every area of your life. You can implement this! A clear goal and, then, looking at asking that question daily. Is this going to get me closer to that goal? If no, then, you have to let it go. If yes, then, you continue moving on. For example, somebody was saying to me that they want to get a home. So, are you making the decisions on a daily basis that are going to get you closer to that visualization of this beautiful home that you want? If the answers is “No!”,then what are the actions that you need to take to get you closer to that goal. For example, understanding your finances, getting a budget, understanding the budget. Spiritually it is the same thing. Are you going to church? What are the things that you’re doing that are going to get you closer to your goal? It sounds simple. It actually is once you get a hold of yourself and you start creating the muscle, like I say. Building the foundation of where you are making decisions little by little that are going to get you closer to that beautiful life that we all can have. It is in our hands! It is there for us to have. You have the gift of life every day when you wake up and you open your eyes. So today, I want you to reflect, reset and reconnect with your actions.

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