Having information on how your body is functioning is life-altering.

That is the reflection of the day. I want to share with you that I have this watch that I’ve been using now for a few I think a few months actually and my son Franco was the one that introduced it to me. And I remember him talking about how it was so amazing to be able to have this information on how your body is recovering, how you’re sleeping at night, is your sleep a deep sleep? Are the decisions that you are making at night injuring your recovery, in your sleep?

Like, for example, drinking caffeine two hours before you go to sleep or having more than two drinks four hours before you go to sleep. How it affects your sleep depth in your recovery. And what I realize is that when we have data, we can make decisions that are the best decision for our body and mind.

So, the reason I wanted to talk to you about this is because I was training this morning at 5:30 and when I went in to see my coach, my trainer, he always asked me, how is your recovery? And how did you sleep? And we actually alter the exercises depending on how my body has recovered. And I went to have a colonoscopy last week, and I realized that the anesthesia had a serious effect on my body for a few days. My recovery was at 30 percent and I blame it obviously I was like it could only be the anesthesia because pretty much everything else was the same. And for those days after my colonoscopy, I really didn’t push my body too much because I knew that my body was not recovered.

But today when I went to work out, my body was close to 70 percent recovered. He pushed me so hard and it felt amazing. We made the exercises. He tailored the exercises to the way that my body felt. And he pushed me to new limits. And that is why having this data on how you’re sleeping and how your body is recovering could be life-altering because the decisions that you’re going to be making based on that data will definitely alter your life.

Reflect, reset and reconnect.

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