Group Coaching

Choosing Forgiveness means Choosing Life.

Your Past Does not Own Your Present or Dictate Your Future 

Group Coaching

Driving forward is much more difficult when you’re squarely focused on your rear-view mirror.

By shifting your focus onto your own “5 Pillars”, you can get Unstuck and Gain Joy, Support, and Self-Awareness.

We as women are so talented at balancing our work, our families, our relationships, and our responsibilities. The problem is that when life starts to get hectic, the first compromise we make… is on ourselves.

I know it’s true, because I lived it. I’ve been in a place where I was pushing all my time and energy away from myself and onto other things and people. Eventually, I got sick of it. I was tired of letting my past trauma define my present success.

That’s why I started my “Forgive to Live” Group Coaching Program. To help women just like you and me to refocus on the core elements of what makes us who we are.

When you lead from Forgiveness, and when you embrace your “5 Pillars” you start to find yourself… and from there everything else starts to fall back into place.

Group Coaching

Generational Trauma.
Sort of a heavy phrase, no?

We want to pretend like it doesn’t exist, but ignoring its existence is the exact thing that keeps generational trauma cycling through families over time. When you can recognize that you have felt and experienced certain things that may have been passed down to you from your parents, you can start to look inward in order to avoid continuing the cycle.

That “looking inward” I mentioned is how I define my “5 Pillars”. Breaking free from those types of past trauma starts by making Daily Deposits into each.

They consist of:

I go into depth about each of these in my group coaching program, where you will be joined by a handful of other incredible and relatable women who are dealing with many of the same things you are.

Group Coaching

By the Time You’re Finished with this Program You Will:

Investing into You is the Most Selfless Thing You Can Do.

You are all you have to offer!

For just $ you’re getting: