Do you know the language of love for the people that mean the most in your life? That is the reflection of the day. This thought came to me as I was reminiscing on a book that I read called ‘’The Five Languages of Love’’ by Gary Chapman. I’m sure many of you have actually heard of this book because it is a book that was written many years ago. I think it’s close to 20 years but it is a book that still is quite popular because it really helps you understand that the people in your life might not need to be loved in the way that you need to be loved. There are people that need affection. They need to be told that they are loved. There are people that need action where other people need acknowledgement, a thank you, more than an I love you. Therefore, it is so important to actually understand what language of love that person is, either your spouse or your significant other or your children. What is it that they need, not what you need because that is something that is a mistake. I think what we do a lot is think about how we need to be loved. Then, that is the way we love. It could be your children, your spouse or your parents. Whoever, it is that is close to you. Sometimes because we don’t understand the language of love that they need, it creates walls that keep building and building and building and eventually, the wall cannot be broken down. That leads to many people you know getting divorced or many relationships with a really weak foundation. So, I recommend for all of you to actually, if you haven’t read this book, to take the time to read it or listen to it on an audiobook. For me, audibles are the key to get through all these books that I get through on a monthly basis because it is easier to listen to it than read it. At least for me anyway. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect with love.

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