Do we want a connection or do we need to be right?

I was reflecting on the past two years, where I decided to take on creating a strong bond with my daughter that is 12 years old, and has been going through the adolescent stages and it’s been difficult. I come from a divorced background, so my daughter is in the middle of these two worlds and she moves back and forth every week from these two very, very different parenting styles, and that creates a level of difficulty, not just for me, but it creates a level of difficulty for my daughter.

I wasn’t seeing it this way for a while, until I decided at some point when I kept struggling so much with this situation that I was confronted with, that I was going to start listening to audible books that help me to take over this issue, take over this situation and I will be making the difference, I will be creating a place for my daughter where she could feel that I listen to her, that I am there for her.

With the connection that I have been creating with her, I am starting to see the results, and it feels amazing. But in order to do this, one of the main points was that I needed to stop being right. Being right did not matter to me anymore. What matters to me is that I get to create this connection and support my daughter during these difficult times that she’s going through, adolescence is not easy, and to really find a way to understand what she’s going through so I could relate to her.

This you can apply it to many, many relationships. Do you want to be right? What do you want to connect? That is the reflection of the day.

Reflect, Reset and Reconnect.

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