Your trauma can become one of the biggest tool for success

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Your trauma can become one of the biggest tool for success
Your trauma can become one of the biggest tools for your success. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I was being interviewed and someone asked me the question of how did my trauma change my life?, what part of my life and when I was little has changed my life? and in which way has it changed? I was thinking of, obviously, starting with my mother leaving for the United States and the family completely breaking up. Me going to a cousin’s house, my brother, one of my brothers, to a friend’s house, my little brother to the grandparents house and my mother and my two other brothers coming to the United States, an unknown country for a time where we never knew when my mother would come back. So the void of losing in a way everything. Your entire foundation at the age of eight and, then at the age of 9, going through a sexual abuse experience where your Dad gives you away. How much worse can it get? That is, I keep saying to myself, when I started this journey of healing my soul. I kept asking my question, how worse can it get for me?, that was the bottom of my life, that was the lower, the darkest, the most painful. So what I realized as I’m answering that question is that the same trauma has actually given me the tools to my success. One of the biggest tools is that “I am Fearless”. I will take on anything that comes in front of me. The opportunity comes and I´m going to jump at it without really thinking of being afraid. Obviously, I’ve succeeded in many areas of my life and I think things through. It’s not like I am irrational but the component that I take away from the equation is fear. So if you or someone that has gone through really hard times in your life realize that really, you survived and it can’t get worse, you will survive whatever comes your way. It’s how you perceive it. It is the story of being afraid that stops you from growing, from actually coming out of the trauma. We have to jump like Steve Harvey says even if the parachute at the beginning doesn’t open up and you are going to be all beat up. You will have a parachute that will open because nothing, even the darkness in life, does not last forever. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect!

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