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Your expectations determine the results
Your expectations determine the results. That is the reflection of the day. How many times are you going to have a conversation with somebody? This happened to me at work today. I’m going to discuss this with respect to my professional life and then, we’re going to talk about how you can take the same concept and relate it into your personal life. Today, I had a patient that was unhappy. Everybody was saying how difficult and challenging this person was and I said I was going to call. He sent an email and was expressing his unhappiness. But when I called him back, I decided to listen to him and let him speak. This is the number one rule. You need to allow the person to speak freely and without stopping them, even if it takes a while. Let them get it all out and once they let it all out, then you are going to be able to express yourself and engage in the conversation. But before you get there, you need to be able to win the person and make sure they are listening. You listened when the person was speaking, you’re listening without judgment. You are listening exactly to every fact or the feelings of that individual and you want to realize what the ultimate goal is. I want for them what I would want for me. For me, I want that patient to be happy. I want to figure out a way that I can learn from this experience, so that I could make improvements for the next patient and make improvements that are going to make all of our patients feel better. Sometimes when I’m listening, I realize that it is okay. This is just a hard time that this person is going through. Many times, because I’m listening with an open heart and an open mind, I am able to take so much from those conversations and I’m able to make changes. That is exactly what happened with this patient today. I was listening and I wanted to learn. I realized that we have been making so many changes because of the pandemic that there was something that bothered him that I really should remove from the protocol. I’m actually taking action and removing it tomorrow. …

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