Your attitude and your success

Your attitude and your success
Your attitude and your progress. That is the reflection of the day. During this time, where the unemployment rate is at its highest that it has ever been in history, it is going to be critical that we look at our attitude when it comes to our jobs. I have dealt with thousands of people throughout the 35 years of my professional life and I see the attitude that certain people have versus others. Unfortunately, there are many people that have this attitude that they just want to do the bare minimum to get the work done. The body language and energy that they are giving out is one that is limiting. So I was reflecting on how those people, and, unfortunately, there are many people this way, are going to suffer during this time, even at a greater level because there are so many people looking for the same job and now companies are going to have the opportunity to really concentrate on hiring the best. People that give out that positive energy where they are not looking for limitations. Where when they see problems, they find the solutions. They don’t get stuck in the problem. It is going to be difficult but what I found is that this might be an opportunity for those people to really calm down and reflect,reset and recreate a different way of being. Some might get stuck completely. But the wrong attitude is going to destroy you, at this time and even after the coronavirus, because I am seeing it. There are so many people looking for jobs already and companies are also getting rid of people. They’re not going to bring back those people with the wrong attitude. So, if you’re listening to this podcast, I want you to reflect on how you were doing? How was your attitude before you got laid off? and what kind of attitude are you going to bring into the new world after COVID because that is going to determine your success. The wrong attitude will not have success, but the right attitude will have opportunities you probably have not had before. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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