You have control of how you suffer in life!

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You have control of how you suffer in life!
You have the control of how you suffer in life. That is the reflection of the day. Suffering is something that we experience. No one is born and dies without suffering. That is a fact. How we suffer makes a difference on the outcome that we have so we have choices every time we go through difficult times. Times of pain. Times of darkness. Times where we feel nothing seems to be working. So what we do with that time is what makes the difference. For example, if you’re going through a hard time relationship and you are in the midst of a fight or not sure what is happening in the relationship, you can decide to put all this energy into this situation and you start creating stories. Stories that lead to more stories and you embellish those stories in your mind. You create things that might not even exist and if you have control of the other person then, you can continue to put all of the energy on the other person. But that’s not the case. Usually, you have no control over someone else. You only have control of yourself. So if you think about that, that is a very powerful statement. You only have control of yourself. You don’t have control of the others. So what did you do with the frustration,with the pain, with the darkness, with all of it, is determined by you. You decide if you’re going to continue dwelling on the pain. Thinking of what would happen and thinking of what to say and what is this person doing and why is this person doing that. Instead of saying there are times when you need to let things play out and while you let things play out then, you can decide to put all that energy into yourself. Into improving your life, into improving your day. Even if you are in pain, you could still do that. You can decide, I’m going to stop thinking about this as much. I am going to meditate. I am going to exercise. I am going to educate myself. I am going to listen to a motivational video. I am going to write everything that I’m grateful for; concentrating on everything that I have instead of everything that I don’t have. Concentrating on not being a victim of the situation. A victim of suffering. You will still hurt. You will still be in darkness but you can decide how much sooner you get to see the light. In order for you to get to see the light, all the negative energy needs to be focused on you and bringing positive results to you. Even if you have to force yourself to get busy. When you are in pain, be present to the pain. I’m not telling you that, you know, you need to feel the pain. There many times where we need to feel the pain in order to grow but you don’t have to be dwelling on the pain. That is the main point that I want you to take on from this reflection. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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