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Why is this so difficult to have focused conversations
Why is it so difficult to have focused on conversations? That is the reflection of the day. Today, early this morning, I was having a conversation with someone. I was looking forward to having this conversation because, for me, I try to create a space where I connect with different people that really matter to me. I want to have that connection and that conversation without distraction. So what I normally do is I go in, I connect with that person and I go into a room where I am not going to have any distractions. I try to do this a few times a week with certain people that really matter to me. But what I find is that it is so difficult for people and that includes me. You know, it is something that I work at and I’ve been very aware of for a few years now. I’ve been really making sure that when people are talking to me that I find a way to have tunnel vision. That tunnel Vision is that connection to that person where I am going to make that person feel that they are the only thing that matters at the moment and that I am not focused on anything else. I know this is hard to do. We live in a society where there is so much distraction with social media, you have your computer, you have everything that is going around. People have a hard time focusing even when you’re speaking. By the way, I do FaceTime and I like to do FaceTime because that’s how you see how that person is really connecting to you. People have a hard time just looking at each other in the eyes when they speak. You can see the mind wondering because when you’re looking the other way, your mind already knows that the person’s mind is already wondering in a different direction. So it isn’t possible for that person to really be focused on what you are saying. I am also finding this if you pay attention when people are on Zoom. This is a virtual world now that we live in. We are having meetings virtually. We are having events virtually. But what are you, if you pay attention to people who are not focused. We live in a society where focus is being lost because of all the distractions. When you’re not focused, you’re not connecting. That is it! All of these distractions are equal. This connection and the human connection is beautiful. We are missing it. We are missing the boat on this. We are continuing to disconnect more and more. So today, I want you to reflect on this podcast. I want you to think of the conversations that you’re having. Ask yourself, “Am I looking at that person?” I do. Am I focused on what that person is saying? Is my mind already wondering what I’m going to do next or what I have to do? Going through your to-do list when somebody is speaking with you, you will because this happens to me. I’m repeating myself. When the person is not focused on you, obviously, you have to repeat yourself because they didn’t listen to what you were saying. They didn’t get everything. I am always looking for the meat. Where is the meat? I want to get to the point where I realize what that person is trying to tell me and understand body language and really stay focused. Meditation definitely helps. This is why I love meditating. Today, I was actually thinking I’m going to be increasing the amount of time that I meditate a day because I know meditation helps me be focused. So I’m inviting you to meditate and to be aware of how you are focused on the conversations that you are having. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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