Why is it so hard to get out of this funk?

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Why is it so hard to get out of this funk?
Why is it so hard to get out of the funk? That is the reflection of the day. This past week, I had one day where I was triggered to the point where I just could not see myself getting out of this funky place where everything just seems to not look as good. I physically will look at myself and I didn’t look as good as I normally would feel. I felt darkness. I felt heavy. There is this feeling that you just have a hard time seeing anything positive in it. The cloud is the cloud that is just over you and no matter what you do, your ego does not want to let go. What I realized was, as I was journaling about this and I do these journals every day and in the journal the title was, “Why is it so hard to get out of a funk?’ is that we all go into the space and sometimes, it could last a few hours. Sometimes, a few days. Sometimes, a week or sometimes, longer. So, ultimately, what I want is to make sure that I get out of the funk as soon as possible. I’ve gotten good at it but, for whatever reason, I could not get out of this funk and it took me a day. It took me about twenty-four hours. I realized, as I was writing in my journal, that I was in this funk and it was ugly. All that it took was, at the end when I expressed my feelings,for me to write, “I am in control of my mind. I am in control of my actions. Right now, I choose to get out of this funk. I’m going to take action to go closer to this person and reconnect with this person and not lose any more time in this negative space.” That’s what it took. I took the action and I got out of the funk. So today, I want you to reflect on how long you are wasting time being in a funk and what you are doing about it. How are you getting out of it, how are you taking over your ego and saying no more. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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