Why is it so easy to give up?

Why is it so easy to give up?
Why is it so easy to give up? That is the reflection of the day. Today, I was reflecting on a situation that happened to me at work. All of us, not just me, are all going through a tremendous amount of tension and stress because the business has grown. I would assume about 70% in the past three weeks. So I’ve been bringing new people. Hiring people left and right. Like 4 people a week for the past 3 weeks. What I realized is something that happened to me today. I consider myself someone that is very aware of her actions and today, I was giving up on one employee because I heard complaints about this person. Automatically, my major reaction was to give up on the person and say forget it, move on, next. Then, I started reflecting after I made that decision in my mind. I didn’t take the action yet but one of the things that I tried to do is whenever I take an action that is fast, whenever I make a decision that is made too fast, I like to reflect before I take the action depending on that decision especially if I’m going to be affecting other people. So I had the chance of reflecting on my major reaction of giving up on this person. I reflected and I reset it and I reset it by understanding that this person is someone that is waking up. She’s sleeping and when people are sleeping, it is difficult to put the energy in because they don’t even know that they are sleeping. They are just going through life. They don’t reflect. They are just going on being victims of life, complaining all the time and being righteous. But that is not the case. I see this person is trying to wake up and I was giving up so easily because of the stress level that I was feeling. That is why it is so important when we communicate and communicate with ourselves too. I just heard something in the meditation that talks about that. Whenever you are speaking to someone, you have to put what you’re saying through 3 gates. The first gate is, is it true? The 2nd gate is, is it necessary? and the third gate is, is it kind? So what you’re saying is, is it really true or are you being affected by your situation, your surrounding stress level? Is it necessary to do it and is it kind if we put our communications through especially at work, those 3 gates. Then, we can have a successful business because a successful business is where people are not just there making money but people are actually happy to be there. That’s my goal with our business at Formè. That is our goal! Gina, my business partner and I. So I want you to reflect on what I just said. Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? if you follow those 3 gates, you will not give up that easily. Because the tendency for us is to give up easily because it’s too much work to work at something. You need to reflect and you need to reset and give yourself the time and the space to be able to take action and not just take the easy way out. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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