Why do you keep criticizing yourself?

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Why do you keep criticizing yourself?
Why do you criticize yourself so much? That is the reflection of the day. Today, I had one of my mentees commit. I had a conversation because she was struggling with something that happened in her family. She went back to criticizing herself, being harsh on herself and saying, “ I’m never going to be good enough, I am so broken, when am I going to stop working on my brokenness?” We had this very deep conversation and ultimately, she said, “ I want to be where you are! I want to feel that peace! But this peace, at 55 years old, is something that I’ve been working on for so many decades of my life. I want to speed up the process for her. I want to speed it up for many of my mentees but everybody has their own pace. We have to learn to understand our pace. If you’re going to speed up the pace, it will be by being more grateful to yourself, recognizing the accomplishments and the changes that you’ve made and stop beating yourself more and more. This struggle I see in so many people and I definitely saw it on myself. It is beautiful to get to a space where you don’t struggle with yourself, with your inner soul and you learn to accept it with its imperfection. That everyday you decide you are going to get closer to perfection. We are never going to reach perfection. It doesn’t exist. But you definitely can get close to a place where life has a different meaning where you are not about beating yourself up over and over again. It is about recognizing and being aware of our progress while at the same time, always searching for more progress. I see her and I see her soul. It is a beautiful soul but she can’t see that soul yet. I know that she will get there and that as she begins to see herself more and more, then her criticism will become less and less. I want you to reflect on this today. How much are you beating yourself up that you are forgetting the progress that you’ve made? How much have you accomplished so far? When you go there, guess what? You need to reflect, reset and reconnect with your soul.

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