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Cuando tu corazón llora de emoción
When your heart is bursting in tears! That is the reflection of the day. How many of you can think back or maybe you are going through this right now where you have this dream? You have imagined this dream and this dream becomes a reality. The emotions are so high that your heart just bursts into tears. How beautiful is that feeling when you start crying but you’re crying of accomplishment, crying of fulfillment, crying of happiness. It is so beautiful to feel that I wanted to share that with you today. That is me! My heart is bursting, my heart is crying and full of emotions. The emotions are so beautiful that I wanted to share with you. As you might know, those of you that follow me, I’ve been working on a movement #YoDigoNoMás #ISayNoMore. This movement has to do with child sexual abuse and I am finally seeing the foundation being built and becoming a reality. Our purpose and our goal is to start our movement in July. This is not my movement. This is going to be everybody’s movement. Everyone that has gone through the trauma that I’ve gone through and you’re all going to start saying, “No more!”. We are going to rise up and our voices will be heard. Walls will start coming down. How beautiful to know that you’re part of something so amazing and so necessary. I know for sure that I have been given this mission and I am honored. I am feeling this emotion of what a privilege it is that I know that God is with me and he wants me to do this. He has been preparing me to be the voice to break my silence after 47 years and start the movement where people will say, “YoDigoNoMas”, “ISayNoMore”. What a privilege to be able to lead with this movement. As we finished our photoshoot and started creating our social media and our website, the movement is becoming more a reality. I see that even the people that were chosen to be part of the pictures are people that have been affected by this and everybody that we talk to wants to join in this effort. It just makes it such a reality and my heart is crying of emotions. Today, let’s reflect, reset and reconnect with me. Thank you.

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