What to do when you feel in a state of confusion?

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What to do when you feel in a state of confusion?
What to do when we are feeling in a state of confusion. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I am sitting in a space of confusion and I’ve shared with you in some of the podcasts this week that I did a retreat. It was a pretty intense retreat where I learned so much of myself and so many of the blind spots, not even so many, but a few blind spots that I didn’t realize that existed. When you bring it out and you start seeing clarity at the same time, there is confusion. There were so many evolutions, many times, during this retreat that I had so many breakthroughs and also got to witness so many people. There were 12 of us. So many of us have different breakthroughs that we needed to have in order to gain clarity and more control of our lives and our emotions. I also understand where I am right now is that there is so much that I’m digesting that it almost feels overwhelming. There are so many different emotions that I have in so much that I remember of this event that I am struggling to get back to my usual life, my structured life. Today, I am feeling a little bit like I’m gaining a little more control and I’m going back to my routines. But I realized more than ever how important it is to be able to create those habits where you have these routines that are reinforcing your day on a daily basis. Where the frame of your picture or that day is a strong frame. It is not easy to do but as you practice more and more, it becomes easier like anything else. So today, I was saying I needed to make sure that I workout because I could. I like working out at least 5 to 6 days sometimes. Sometimes, I choose the dates that I’m not going to workout based on how my body feels. But my body has been feeling tired every single day this week. It is a tiredness that is mental,physically and spiritually, like an overall tiredness. So I started to reflect on that and what I’ve done with this podcast, I’m actually recording it earlier than I normally do because I’m concerned that if I let the day go by that I’m going to be finding excuses maybe not to do the podcast because of the state of mind that I’m feeling at. This morning, I got a really great workout. Even though, it wasn’t to the max like I always do. Because your mental state affects even your physical state so everything seems to be a little bit off. But even being aware that that is what it is and that you’ll have to accept it and then, just work through it. That is exactly where I am at right now. I am working through digesting everything that came to me and the other ladies that were with me in this retreat. But at the same time, there’s an excitement because I know that the clarity that I’m getting and will be getting, as the days go by, is so much more. So sometimes before you get out of confusion, before you get clarity, serious clarity, you need to be in a state of confusion. To get out of the state of confusion, sometimes you just need time. But at the same time to make it easier for yourself, go back and reinforce your habits. Those habits, those routines that you have created that are working in your life. The last thing is just talk to friends. People that love you and people that support you. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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