What is the biggest lie you have told yourself?

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What is the biggest lie you have told yourself?
What is the biggest lie you have told yourself? That is the reflection of the day. What a question? This is a question that was asked of me in a program that I have been participating in since last Monday. It is called “Awake Athena”. It is a very in depth program where they ask you many questions and one of the questions they asked was this question. We have to give the answer to this question in a video and after really digging deep into my soul and going through a whole process of day answering many questions that are really, really hard when it got to this question, I realized one thing. The biggest lie I told myself is that I am strong. I am strong and I need no pity from anyone. So what I’ve done in the past is that I have built a shell and this is a hard shell to break. It is a shell that I broke for the first time, this past weekend, when I answered that question. For so many years since I was a little girl, I decided that I was going to protect myself and that I did not need pity from anyone. What happened as a result of that is that I created a distance between me and the people that I love. I have felt a tremendous connection with many, many people in my life. My family, my friends. So many people. People that I adore but many of these people will look at me as somebody that was almost impossible to reach. To reach the level of strength that I have created, it felt unreachable. That meant I was disconnected with too many people because I was not becoming as vulnerable as they would become with me. Answering this question, I realized that yes, I am strong but that doesn’t mean that I am unbreakable. Because I became unbreakable. It was hard for me to cry. It was hard for me to ask for help. So I am asking you to go deep inside your soul and answer that question. How is the answer that you give blocking you from connecting in any area of your life? How is it hurting you? Be honest with yourself! Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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