What are the side effects of telling people to accept you just the way you are?

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What are the side effects of telling people to accept you just the way you are?
What happens when you tell people that they need to accept you just the way you are. That is the reflection of the day. It is so sad when I hear this. For me, it makes me very sad. Sad because this person that is saying this, obviously, does not understand the side effects of a statement like this one. The side effects of a statement like this one are disconnection and missed opportunities. Missed opportunities of connecting with the people that we love and that righteous attitude because it is the righteous attitude. If you think about it, you’re saying, “You don’t need to change anything if you want to be with me, you just accept me for who I am.” Who you are should be evolving every time. You should be evolving on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, on a yearly basis because the life that is unexamined is a life, as they say, a life not worth living or won’t go that far. Because if you want to live your life and you don’t want to examine it and you want to have a life that has limited disconnection, it is your choice. But it is a life that is missing out on so much. It is missing out on memories, creating memories. I was discussing with few people today how, as we get older, we are going to be living off the memories that we have created. Because we will get to one point in life, if we’re lucky, where we’re not going to have the energy to be going out all the time. I picture myself. This is a vision I have as I get old enough, hopefully in my 80s and 90s. I’m going to be in a rocking chair reminiscing about all the beautiful memories that I have created through the years with all the people that I love, my kids, specifically my grandkids, my brothers, my nieces, my nephews, all the people that are close to me and all of my friends. Think about it. So in order to be able to create this beautiful memory, you need to be able to have connection. People are going to want you, people want to be with you. So if you have this righteous attitude that even though you’re hearing from many people that they’re not happy with the way that you’re being and you just say, “well accept me the way I am or don’t be with me”, you’re going to end up a lonely, lonely soul. This is a reflection that we should all take on. Because if we feel that we are disconnected from people in our lives then, we need to go back and examine what we are doing to contribute to that disconnect. This is extremely important because of those memories that I’m talking about. That is really the substance in life. Are you going to be diminished by your righteousness, your attitude of being just you and being stuck in that space where you disconnect? But if you’re righteous, the problem is that then, you have destroyed possibilities of growth in your life. You have just limited yourself. So let’s be very, very careful with righteousness. Righteousness is disconnection. You should be evolving. You should not be asking people just to accept you the way you are. We need to change. We need to evolve. Otherwise, we are living a life that is a flat line and is a wasted life. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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