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Use fear to ignite the fire in your life!
Use fear to ignite the fire in your life, that is the reflection of today, fear, fear is something that all human beings carry. It exists in all of us and fear is something that is important to recognize because it actually protects you It is built in us so that we can protect ourselves and protect our families and that we are able to react sometimes a lot quicker because of the fear. But fear could also take you to a path where you can live a very limited average life and When I say this is I see people living, just living this average life because they are afraid They’re afraid to ask for a raise They are afraid to go and try to get a different job They’re afraid to fail in school. They’re afraid to fail in relationships. So many times they avoid having connections, could be human connection, having the possibility of creating a life with someone because they’re afraid, they’re afraid to go into business they’re afraid to be hurt, and they’re afraid to to feel abandoned. So all of those types of fears that are limiting you, it is something that we can learn little by little to recognize that when you are afraid then you need to take action if it’s something that you truly desire. And I was having this conversation with my daughter because Natasha deals with a lot of you know anxiety And this is something that I’ve been working on her through the years and she’s definitely has gotten better And I’m always having these deep conversations with her And I remember her saying that the other day, I’m afraid to go to this skateboard park because I’m afraid that I’m going to fall in and look silly. And I said to her, oh no, my love, no, my love, when you are afraid, especially of something like that, you are limiting yourself because you’re thinking that somebody else is going to look at you and they can judge you. Everybody starts at one point and understanding that those people that are judging you, you could also judge them But that’s not the way life should be We should stop judging each other We should be helping each other and If you have that relationship with yourself, where you stop judging yourself, then you actually could have less fear. So it was a breakthrough for her and she understood it. And I was saying how you don’t want to limit your life and live this average life and not really squeezed as much out of life because of fear. So I am asking you today to reflect on the things that you really want or the changes that you really want to make and fear is blocking you from getting to be able to accomplish what you want. So every day you have an opportunity to stop the fear from limiting in your life And today I am inviting you to reflect, reset and reconnect about the fears in your life.

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