Unlock the awesome in your life

Unlock the awesome in your life
Unlocking awesome, that is the reflection of the day. Today, I want to share with you that I took a workshop. It was 34 strong, becoming a great place to work. This was focused on an assessment test that we all took that concentrates on helping you understand your strength so that you can maximize your strength to be able to continue to get success in your life. For me, this workshop will bring it to the workplace. How do I understand my strength so that I can help my team understand their strength? We can go easily, work together to create a place that is in an extremely focused place and the strength of each team member. We figure out a way to really minimize the weaknesses of everyone. So when I took this assessment I understood very clearly that there are certain things that I didn’t even know existed. One of them is one of my top strengths called WOO which is “Winning Over Others”. I was told that 5% of the population has that strength. It is a very unique strength and I realized how I am taking on this journey of impacting and connecting people and how that strength that I didn’t even know existed is a strength that is extremely important for me. When it comes to really fulfilling the dreams of my mission, of the mission of the movement, the mission of #YoDigoNoMás. The movement that is fighting against sexual abuse and bringing awareness and breaking the silence. But that strength is going to help me so much to be able to engage people and have people join the movement and realize how important it is that, you know, they read my book. In addition to that it helps us at Forme, my medical center, where we are impacting the uninsured community. So I realized during this workshop, how important it is that we concentrate on the strength that each of our team members bring to the company and that we start figuring it out. Figuring out what the strength of the individuals that work with you are and stop concentrating so much on what they are doing is negative. That is a weakness. This is powerful to do. So I highly recommend each one of you to try to understand your weaknesses and your strengths. Concentrate on the strength that you bring and the strength that the people that work with you. This is something that is not just for work. You can bring it into your relationships with your loved ones, with your children. There was an example that they gave where the daughter brought the report card and the daughter’s report card had straight A’s and there was a C in Math. When they did a survey, most people will concentrate, 70% of the people will concentrate on this C instead of all the A’s that this child has. There is something fundamentally wrong. A crack in the foundation when you think about it when all we do is concentrate on what is wrong, what is wrong with us and what is wrong with the people that are around us. It is so important to start switching that. This is why unlocking awesome is so beautiful. Think about it. You want to concentrate on unlocking your awesome and the awesome that other people bring into the world because each one of us was born awesome. We switch, at some point, in our lives. Our environments are bringing trauma that we go through in life, taking away the awesome that we are. So let’s bring it back. Let’s concentrate on reflecting and resetting on your awesome.

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