Unbreakable presence

Unbreakable presence
Unbreakable presence! That is the reflection of the day. So this morning, as I am driving to the office, someone hit me in the back. My reaction like everyone else was like, “Oh my God!” You know, I can’t believe this just happened to me. For a second, I stopped the car and I just started walking towards this person. As I’m walking towards this person, I realize that it was a young kid that is driving the car. Obviously, he was very scared. I don’t even know if he was supposed to be driving that car but I thought about it and I put myself in his parents’ shoes. I said, “If this was my child, how would I react?”. Number one, the first thing was that I was okay and I asked him, “Are you okay?” I wanted to make sure that he was okay. I realized just sitting here doing this podcast, how calm I was and I said, “This is incredible because I’ve been doing this throughout these years. I say it over and over again on these podcasts because it is so important to understand how your daily routines create this foundation that is almost unbreakable. I could have reacted. I could have been angry at this kid. I could have started telling him you know I’m investigating what you were doing. But that didn’t matter to me. Actually, I said, “You know what, the damage is done. There is damage in the car that needs to be fixed. What do we need to do? Give me your information. I gave him my information and we just kind of concentrated on calling the people that are going to fix the car. Just putting all the energy in the right places, not in the wrong places which would be to scream like crazy at this kid and be angry or the fact that he probably wasn’t paying attention. Yes, obviously, he was scared and probably his parents are going to give him a hard time. So I didn’t need to put the energy that I have and destroy my day. I was okay physically and that was really what mattered. Concentrate on what really matters, the things that you are able to control and the things that you’re not able to control. You let it go! So the two reflections for me on this accident that happened this morning is the fact that number one, I had worked out, I had meditated, I had listened to my spiritual video of the pastor and I was ready to take on the day. My foundation was unbreakable. I already was prepared for the day. How important it is that we do this on a daily basis so that we can take on the challenges that are going to come through the day, like this one. The other one is, as I say in all the podcasts, to not put the energy on the things that you’re not able to control. Put the energy on the things that you are able to control. This is why, even going back to many people who are living their past, they’re so angry about what happened to them. Yet, they are forgetting that thing they cannot control anymore because it’s in the past. Dealing with their present is powerful. To really be present to that so that you can have an unbreakable presence. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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