A Monologue and a Chat – by Lisa Pelikan

A Monologue and a Chat - by Lisa Pelikan
A dramatic monologue and interactive discussion on the traumatic effects of domestic abuse; Witness the impact of abuse patterns commonly referred to as coercive control in this powerful monologue, performed by Lisa Pelikan, providing insight as to how patterns of abuse might be normalized and the mind develops survival tactics; A panel will discuss the detrimental impact, of trauma in the context of abuse and sexual assault, that takes hold of a victim’s life; Panelists include: Cynthia L. Cooper, Playwright – Author – Journalist Liane Nelson PhD., Westchester Jewish Community Services Chief Psychologist; Director Trager Lemp Center Maria Trusa, Author of “I Say No More” and CEO of Forme Medical Center. Monologue written by Cynthia L. Cooper

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

Melbourne, Australia
(Sat - Thursday)
(10am - 05 pm)
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