To create, you need to dream. To create you need support!

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To create, you need to dream. To create you need support!
To create, you need to dream. To create, you need support. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I dedicate this podcast to the amazing team that, for the past 7 months, have been working relentless on the social movement #YoDigoNoMas – ISayNoMore. I had a dream of creating a social movement that was going to fight and bring awareness to sexual abuse that is a silent pandemic that exists in our Latino culture. It might exist in many other cultures but I know, firsthand, that it exists in mine. It is a pandemic that has destroyed generations over generations and it needs to stop. We need to put a stop to this vicious cycle that not only destroys the victims but it destroys everything that that victim creates. Children, grandchildren, the generations after generations that get oppressed and history keeps repeating itself. It repeats itself because we do not talk about it. We stay silent. We stay in silence because we are ashamed, because the destruction is too painful to even accept it and admit it. We can come from a place, from a family, that can destroy and steal your innocence. The monster is in the house. About 80% of the sexual abuse that happens is in the house. We need to stop. That is why, today, I am bursting with pride. Pride to have a dream, pride that is being created and pride to have a team that is so dedicated. So immensely dedicated to this mission and this vision of #YoDIgoNoMás. It’s an honor to work with all of you. Each one of you, so young and so affected personally. Sometimes, someone in the family of these amazing souls, have come together to say, “No More”. I thank you and I dedicate today to you for your support and love. I am immensely, immensely indebted to you for what you’ve done. Tomorrow is the launch of our movement #YoDigoNoMas and my book and it could not have been possible without your efforts. Thank you!

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