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Acciones pequeñas que te llenan de felicidad
Little soundbites! Bites that fill your heart with joy. That is the reflection of the day. In the mornings when you wake up, you have an opportunity to connect with the people that you love. This should be a daily action that we take where we are sending a message to someone that we love but we normally don’t express exactly why we love them and how special we feel they are or the impact that they are having in our lives. It is very enduring to hear from people that love you. This is not something we do on a daily basis. We find special occasions to tell people that we love them. It could be a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, whatever the occasion is. But ironically, you know we don’t have to wait for those special occasions to tell people why they are special, to tell them how they’re impacting your life, to tell them why your life is a better life because they exist. So when you wake up in the morning, I encourage you to send at least one gratitude message to someone in your life. It could be somebody very close to you or it could be somebody that you don’t see a lot. But you know when that person is in your life because your life is just a better life. Let’s connect! Life is about connection. That human connection. Today, I am reflecting on this because I sent a message to my daughter and I’m sort of dedicating this whole week to my relationship with my daughter because I am truly amazed at how I redirected my relationship with her and how my daughter is now connecting with me. I sent her a message saying how proud I am of her and how I like her, I like the human being that she is becoming and I love the connection that I am creating with her and that she’s creating with me. I said many other things. I just got totally inspired and then, she reciprocated with a beautiful message that touched my heart and gave me tremendous joy that day! So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect with the people we love.

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