Things to know about Family Therapy

Things to know about Family Therapy
When we think about therapy., we tend to imagine an individual session.  However, there is also something known as Family Therapy in which sessions can be done in groups trying to seek the best solution for conflicts happened within the household or providing support to one of the family members who can be facing a problem. Family Therapy intends to build up relations between the family members and provide them with tools in a way they can act in a collaborative way to find top solutions for conflicts and disputes. Family Therapy can provide a proper solution to situations as:
  • Conflictive Couple Relationships.
  • Parents and Children Conflicts.
  • Financial Trouble.
  • Psychoactive Substances Use.
  • Mental Health Illnesses Consequences.
As you can see, Family Therapy is helpful in any family situation that affects the tranquility and well-being of the family members.  It is also, in many cases, the supplement to mental health treatments one of the family members is receiving as personal therapy.

 When Family Therapy can be conducted?

There are diverse types of problems that can be managed through Family Therapy. The most common are as follows: Family Breakdowns. One of the most frequent causes to go for Family Therapy is when there are domestic problems that can not be solved through traditional methods. Couple Therapy. Problems in relationships like communication gaps, infidelity, or incompatibility about some life aspects are treated with Family Therapy to propitiate problem-solving. Behavior problems and mental disorders that affect any family member. When any of the family members suffers from a mental disorder or illeness, other family members can help with the treatment and monitoring that person. Addiction Treatment. It is also of vital importance to involve family members in the recovery process of different types of addictions to reinforce behaviors that encourage the process.

 What results can you expect from Family Therapy?

Considering their interest and willingness, Family Therapy reunites some family members in its sessions, which are established according to the particular situation of the family and the suggestion made by the mental health specialist. During these sessions, Family Therapy can help with:
  • Analyzing the ability of the family to solve conflicts and challenges and communicate thoughts and emotions in an effective way.
  • Identifying the aspects that contribute to create conflicts drawn from roles and rules examination and behavior patterns.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of the family.
Even though Family Therapy does not automatically solve problems, it can provide benefits such as improving family life, improving family communication, enhancing the ability to reach agreements, and improving the ability to problem-solving, among others.

Pour cold water on conflicts

When we get to really know ourselves it is also possible to know how we are, how we feel and what our reaction could be in the midst of a dispute.  I have overcome these types of situations and found positive resolutions through meditation, even when I lose patience. What about you? How do you handle emotions when  conflict triggers arise? Today, I want to invite you to  listen to my podcast where you will find valuable tools to help you solve any kind of conflict Do not forget you have the power to calm down and stay connected to your intention.

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