The power of one word!

The power of one word!
The power of one word. That is the reflection of the day. I want to share with you a book that I just finished listening to yesterday. The book is “My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word” by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olson. This book, at the beginning, I was like, how could you write a book about just one word. As I kept getting into the different chapters, from the beginning, I was getting more intrigued by the power of one word. So, I recommend this book. It is a spiritual book but it doesn’t matter what you believe in. It is a book that could definitely have an impact on you. I know that it did for me. At the end of the book, there is a story that really, really got to me. He talks about how, this is a Pastor, and he talks about how one of the parishioners ended up, who was one of his best friends, ended up getting breast cancer at the age of 41. He had started this movement of the one word. This is something that he started with the church and ended up getting traction. A lot of people got into the one word movement, especially this young woman. She got diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41 and she had, I believe, three kids. She got very sick, very quickly. She said to him that she ended up picking the word, “Finish” for the year because the book talks about how every year you should pick a word that represents what you want to accomplish this year or your main focus for the year. Her main focus began that year on how to finish her last chapter. Then, she decided to take actions where she was closing every part of her life before she died. It really got to me. I really connected with that story. At the end of the book, you get to choose your word. I chose my word of “Commitment”. Commitment to everything that I’m doing in life. I understand clearly what my mission in life is. The main mission of #YoDigoNoMás, of bringing awareness through this movement to a pandemic as I say all the time. A silent pandemic that is destroying and oppressing our Latino community. I am committed to this movement. I am committed to making sure that millions of people read my book and join this movement so that together we can change history. I am committed to my family. I am committed to the different parts of my life that I need to create harmony to be able to live a full life which is my body. Taking care of my body. I am committed to my body. I am committed to my finances, my business. I am committed to life. I am committed to making sure that I enjoy every day that I bring joy to my life. Commitment follows me and I will be the main focus for this year of my life. I am committed to making sure that this podcast gets to you and that through this podcast, just reflecting for a few minutes with me, you can also start changing your life for the better. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect by choosing the one word for this year for you.

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