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The power in the tone of your voice
The power in the tone of your voice. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I was reflecting how a few weeks ago, I’ve been in a state of chaos at work. It’s been stressful. We’ve been hiring a lot of people to deal with the pandemic and getting people to help us do the COVID testing which has been out of control in the past few weeks. I noticed that my voice was a little bit more hoarse every day and it wasn’t just because I’m talking so much but I realized that the tone of my voice was a lot stronger, a lot higher and a lot faster. So, I purposely decided and this is something that I consciously did towards the end of last week where I decided,as part of the meditation that I do, I decided to really start reflecting on how I can use different tools to be able to calm myself down because this chaos is going to continue. And if I continue embracing the chaos and letting it take over control then, I’m going to lose sleep. I’m going to lose connection. And, this is something that I didn’t want to continue to put up with. So, I decided to try something out that I’ve done before. This time, I was so conscious of making sure that the tone of my voice, every single day, when I come to work, was soft, slow, slower and less forceful. I am amazed at how not only it affected me in a positive way where I started to feel even less tension on my neck but it also affected the team and even the patients as they were coming in. It was something that today, I was more present to it. Because today was another day that it just seemed like things were a little bit out of order and we couldn’t sort of take control like we normally do of seeing so many people. So I tried it even more today. And that’s why I’m actually sharing this on my podcast today and this is the reflection because I was so present to the changes that just the tone of my voice has had in the practice and in me personally. Even when I’m communicating either with my daughter or my family or friends, I am keeping that soft tone and it is inviting and engaging. So let’s reflect today on how the tone of your voice is. Are you using it to connect or is it destroying connection? So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect with a soft tone.

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