The mystery of the human connection.

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The mystery of the human connection.
[vc_row][vc_column][trx_widget_audio caption=”The mystery of the human connection.” author=”María Trusa” url=”/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/The-mystery-of-the-human-connection.mp3″][/vc_column][/vc_row]       The mystery of the human connection. That is my reflection of the day. I was reflecting on how I’ve been connecting with so many people. I meet so many people and so many, actually, reach out to me. But it is a mystery to me, how we connect with certain people more than others. Somehow, sometimes that connection is instant. You talk to these people and you feel like you’ve met them before. Like, they have been in your life forever. Recently, this happened to me with a friend that I just met from another country. Someone that reached out to me because they saw me in one of the Facebook Live shows I do on Mondays. I’ve been speaking to this person because her mission is to help and my mission, she obviously realized, is also to help and make an impact. I am present to the beauty of those connections. It’s been an honor and a privilege for me to write my book where I can go back to when I was 8 years old to my present age of 55. The idea is that through this process of writing my life story, I became so present to how life is like a puzzle. Where you later realize that this piece had to be here. It had to be in that place for the other piece to connect. You start making all of these connections but there is a mystery because when they come into your life, you have no clue why or the purpose of them connecting with you. Sometimes, these connections of the people that come into your life bring you pain which brings you a lot of agony and anxiety and, many times, they bring you happiness. Even though those that brought you pain caused negative emotions for you, the irony is that there is a purpose and a gift that we can see later on. Being able to actually look back and look at all of those connections in my life, has been one of the most powerful exercises that I’ve gone through. It is beautiful and I want you to be present to the connections that you are creating through these difficult times we are currently experiencing. I know many people who are virtually connecting and they are actually connecting at a deeper level. Don’t ask why, just be present to it. Don’t look at the future, just be present to the moment. Don’t look at the past when you’re in a relationship. I have some friends that have been able to actually create romantic relationships now. They are still trying to analyze it. They are bringing the past and thinking of the future. But I tell them to just be present to it right now. Don’t think backwards! Don’t think forward! Just be present to that moment for the most part because there is a purpose for that person to come into your life. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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