The magic of visualization

Sometimes you just need to slow down!
[vc_row][vc_column][trx_widget_audio caption=”The magic of visualization” author=”María Trusa” url=”/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/The-magic-of-visualization.mp3″][/vc_column][/vc_row]       The magic of visualization. That is the reflection of the day. When we wake up in the morning, we have automatically turned on visualization. We have this gift that we’ve been given of creating in our mind the stories of what we want. Many times, what we want does not reflect what we’re thinking so when you are starting to visualize what is going to happen to you during the day, you start sometimes in a positive way and negative in many others. I think that we are way more twisted towards the negative and the challenge is to bring yourself out of negativity to positivity. Therefore, during this time where we are dealing with the virus, it is very easy to wake up in the negative because that’s what we are experiencing. Negativity has been ruling the world. Not just the place we live in, but also ruling the interior world. It happened to me last night when Gloria, my sister who lives with me, pretty much I consider her my sister even though she is not, but is somebody that I adore, came home experiencing a sore throat. Immediately, everyone in the house started visualizing that she had the virus and what’s going to happen. Everyone started to get very quiet so I decided to have a family meeting. We just treated Gloria as if she had the virus to protect everyone but stayed centered. Visualizing that this person is going to be okay helps you at least deal with the present moment and stay focused on what you need to do instead of panic mode. I just took action and made sure that Gloria was quarantined in the house and then I started doing what she normally does. She cooks for us. So I decided, which is not something that I normally do, to start cooking. But I visualized that this was just one of those sore throats that Gloria is having and we took action. During this time, it is so important to go back to living in the moment and visualizing positivity because even if the outcome would have been that Gloria had the virus, in that moment, I couldn’t do anything. I would still have to wait. Visualize that this is probably one of those sore throats and then be able to stay calm. Visualization, for the most part, is something that we need to use to create a life that we want but for this moment, let’s simplify it and bring it to the crisis that we’re living now. Let’s make an effort to continue visualizing positivity instead of negativity and reflect, reset and reconnect.

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