The magic inside a book

The magic inside a book
The Magic of a Book. That is the reflection of the day. I just finished doing my Facebook live show “Reflexiones con Maria”. It is a show, for the ones that don’t know me and are listening to this podcast for the first time, that I do every Wednesday on my personal page Facebook in Spanish and also Forme Medical Center that I do in English every Monday. Today, I had an incredible guest. Her name was Jackie Camacho Ruiz, someone that I admire tremendously. She is a pilot. She is an entrepreneur. She has created two non-profit organizations. She is somebody that has gone through many challenges, almost losing her life due to cancer. Her story is truly inspirational. We were talking about her obsession with books and I got so happy like a little girl in a candy store because we share the same obsession. She was mentioning some of the books like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and other books that I have actually listened to three times because they’re that good. One of the things that I realized and she mentioned in this Facebook live show is the magic of books. How you can transform your life through the power of reading and I couldn’t agree with her more. One thing that I realized is that successful people and I’ve interviewed and met many of them, they all have that in common. They actually are obsessed with reading. I know that Warren Buffett talks about how he reads over 500 pages every day. He is obsessed with reading. I know people who say, “I don’t have time for that now.” I used to say that and now I listen to audible books and I’m able to get through 1 book per week most of the time. I have become obsessed with making sure that every day I get to, at least, listen to 40 minutes of an audible book and sometimes I get lost in the book. Like, there is a book that I just finished last week. The book is called “The Art of Living” and that book was just so good that when I heard that it was done, I went ,Aww! I can’t believe it is done.” I was loving it. So today, I want you to go and discover the magic of books. Start reading if you are not reading or listening to audible books. Take that leap and go get a book. Think of something. Think of dreams that you have and go and find books that are going to educate you and let you see a little bit more of the vision of your dreams. A book can do that. I can tell you that that has happened to me over and over again and when I heard it from Jackie today, it just continues to reinforce that there is so much magic in books. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect with an amazing book.

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