The importance of repairing after you’ve lost control

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The importance of repairing after you’ve lost control
It is important to repair after you lose control. That is the reflection of the day. I am sharing with you a tool that I talk about in my book, “I Say No More” which is that it is extremely important to be able to repair when you have lost control and say I’m sorry. Sometimes you give yourself the time to calm down and then, go back and explain why you think you lost it. Why did you say the things that you said? Why did you do the things that you did? and then, you start the repair process and that leads into the resolutions. The problem is that, so many times, we think that miraculously we can hurt people and not repair. We pile up all this hurt and all this resentment starts to come out in cutting words, very short words. Most of the time, you can feel it but, again, we put it under the rug. We think that somehow it is going to disappear. If you don’t repair as soon as you actually lose control then, you are not going to be able to get yourself back and not be able to reason with yourself and then, reason with the other person that you lost control with. Then, life becomes extremely difficult. You create these relationships that are so negative which ultimately could end up in a breakup that could never be repaired. So today, I am asking you to reflect on how many times you are doing this and who you are doing this with. So if you want different results then, you need to be able to take action as soon as you can. After you lose control, take action to repair it. That is the reflection of the day. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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