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The harmony between patience and impatience
The harmony between impatience and patience. That is the reflection of the day. Great concept! How can impatience be actually a positive feeling? I was thinking that we get impatient sometimes and it is our body, our mind telling us almost like a warning system that something is not serving us. Something is not working for us. What it means is that you have to sort of start figuring it out. Is it within you or is this something that you’re bringing from a blind spot. That you’re bringing into, let’s say, your relationship and you’re becoming impatient because this is something that is a blind spot for you that is not serving you. Or is it that the other person that is in the relationship has blind spots that are making you impatient and therefore, it is a warning that something needs to change. So impatience could also be a positive feeling. A lot of times, we do get impatient and we don’t understand why. So if that is the case with a situation that you’re experiencing, then dig a little deeper into your emotions and start reflecting on why this is happening. On the other side is patience. So when we become too patient, then it could be a dangerous situation because we could be tolerating and we transform patience for tolerance. When that happens that becomes a negative feeling. So I’ve always thought of being patient. That’s a great feeling as a positive thing to bring into your life. But what I realized, like most things in our lives, is that we need to create a balance between the two and also be aware and ask the question why? Why am I feeling these feelings? Then, go in and dig a little deeper. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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