The freedom in radical honesty

The freedom in radical honesty
The freedom in radical honesty. That is the reflection of the day. I am reading a book that I’m going to recommend to all of you. It is a pretty raw and honest book written by Brad Blanton. He is a PhD and starts talking about a concept in the first few chapters of the book which is quite interesting because he’s talking about the fact that he sees people that are really psychotic and people that have serious mental issues and depression. These are what his findings are. He has found that these are people who have learned to lie and they live a lie. They live a life where lying has become the norm and they have lost their sense of reality. He talks about when we are children, we are taught from the beginning to lie because we know that we will get in trouble if we say the truth and sometimes we can get beat up if we say the truth. So we learn to say those little white lies that did not have any meaning in that time when we were kids. But through the years, we’ve built this immense ability to lie and say little lies just to cover to ourselves because we are either afraid to be judged, afraid to get in trouble, afraid of the consequences of being honest and what happens is that we learn to live a life where we lose complete integrity and that creates tremendous stress, sadness and anxiety. It is something that we all carry. Whoever is listening to this podcast, if you think you don’t lie and you live a completely honest life, then you already are lying to yourself because that is not possible. I think we can become aware of how much we’re lying and when we are young what’s behind those lies because then you could start little by little reflecting, resetting and becoming less of a liar, being just you. There is so much beauty in being just you with your mistakes, with your good side and your evil side because we all have them. The good and bad exists in life. It exists in us and we need to be aware of that. I can tell you that part of what I keep saying this week is that I really encourage people to reflect everyday because reflecting everyday feeds your feeling of positivity and your feeding something that is going to lead you into the light more and more every single day. I love being me and I love being authentic because authenticity is contagious. We actually see people that we are connected to, we are drawn to them. Most of the time, those people are the people that are living more of an authentic life. When you see them, there’s a light and they’re bright. When they speak, you feel that energy which is an honest energy and it draws you in. You want to spend more time with people like that. It is so easy but yet so hard to be able to live an authentic life. We need to reflect, reset and reconnect with our lies.

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