The effect of resentment on the people you love

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The effect of resentment on the people you love
The effect of resentment toward the people you love. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I am going to share with you a laugh because this morning I had a revelation with the story that I’m going to be sharing with you which is a personal story but I’m an open book. Literally, I’m an open book. I share my life with all of you with the mission of being able to help you reflect on your life. So the situation is as follows. Many of you that follow me know that I have three children. I have a daughter that is 12 years old and I happen to be divorced from her dad for about five years. Like many divorced relationships, it is not an easy one. There is always somebody that is more angry in the relationship, in the break-up, than the other one. I happen to be at peace. I happen to be very happy in my life and I’m at peace with the fact that that relationship really didn’t work. I tried as hard as I could and it just didn’t work. But my ex-husband and his family are not happy. They don’t like me and somehow, they find ways to try to make things a little more difficult for me. But one of the things that I do is that I do not put energy on the things that I cannot control. So I really don’t put any energy into it. I’m always happy and I put the energy on the things that I can control and the things that I can control to make my daughter’s life easier. I’m always going to focus on that but this morning I had a revelation. Natasha, to give you the story, has a kitty called Lily. Lily travels with Natasha when she goes to her dad on Wednesday’s. I take her to school and then, the grandmother picks her up and then, the grandmother will go. For a long time, she was going and picking up the cat because we live close by. But, for some reason, she decided she really didn’t want to do this anymore and that I should bring the cat in the mornings before she goes to school. She happens to go to a school near where she lives with her dad and she goes there in a little place called Tarrytown. I live in White Plains and he lives in Tarrytown which is about 10-15 minutes apart. So for me, it’s not a big deal because I wake up very early. But what I realized today is that my daughter had to wake up extra early to go with me to drop off her cat. The revelation today was that my daughter said to me, “This is hurting me. They don’t realize that they’re not hurting you. She was so right. The effect of the resentment that they have towards me actually affects the person that they love the most because I know they adore Natasha, my daughter. They are definitely people that are dedicated to being there for her and I admire that. I was saying that to Natasha today. I love the fact that I concentrate on the fact that they are there for Natasha. That her dad is a dedicated dad. That he loves her the way that he knows how to love and that I accept that he is angry with me and the parents. His parents and his family, they are going to be angry and it’s okay. I can’t control that and I’ve learned to really not let it affect me at all. But today, as I was driving my daughter to the house to drop off Lily, my daughter actually made me realize that she is the one that’s really being affected the most. So for those of you that are listening, I want you to reflect on this. Whether it be a relationship where you have a brother that you resent but then, you are affecting your nephews and nieces. It could be at your father and your affecting your children because they are being robbed of not having a relationship with their grandfather. With my daughter, they are not realizing that they’re hurting her. So I want you to reflect on those people that you resent. Resentment itself is a different podcast because we have to work on not resenting people. I have gotten to this space where I completely tell you, truly I don’t resent anyone in my life. The freedom that gives you is tremendous. You have complete control of your reactions. When you don’t resent, nothing really penetrates your soul. It is so beautiful to live that way. So I wish for you to reflect deeply on whether you have resentment number one. Then, work on getting rid of that resentment so you can free your soul. But in addition to that, the resentment that you have towards those people are affecting the people that you love the most and you are not really seeing it because it actually has brought you to a place where you cannot see clearly. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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