Survivor of sexual abuse invites to break the silence

Survivor of sexual abuse invites to break the silence
Betty Martínez remembers feeling like she was dying when, at the age of 12, her father raped her. She thought about how she could tell people what had happened and did not forget that her mother blamed her for destroying her home. Betty managed to break the silence and today she feels she has forgiven her aggressor. That abuse ended with a pregnancy and a forced motherhood. Betty raised her son and later married, but this would not be the only trial in the life of this survivor who also later faced a cancer diagnosis. In her healing process, Betty was able to meet María Trusa and through the Talk Show Yo Digo No Más, she found the opportunity to share her story and bring out all that she had kept silence for so long. Through the Yo Digo No Más Movement, María Trusa provides support to survivors of sexual abuse and makes education the most powerful weapon to end ‘the silent pandemic’ of sexual abuse. As part of the National Sexual Violence Awareness Month, the Yo Digo No Más Movement, the Mayor’s Office and the Yonkers School District will hold the first Yo Digo No Más to Sexual Violence march on April 30th to prevent this scourge. Find the full interview on Telemundo’s website.

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