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Suppressing your feelings hurt your soul
Suppressing your feelings hurts your soul. That is the reflection of the day. I was thinking of a concept that I thought of a while back of how we start a relationship. We start with this page where everything that is written in that page it’s written with love. Love, love, love everywhere and then, little by little things start getting in our skin and we start getting annoyed at the things. Let’s say there is a couple and that one person is doing things. They get annoyed and then, they don’t say anything. We think that somehow the feeling will disappear and then, we started just storming that feeling Inside and little by little the person continues to do things without, many times, knowing that they’re annoying you or that they’re hurting you because you do not communicate that. I’m a very big advocate of not speaking when you feel heat. So I think, being able to suppress temporarily, is a skill that would be great if we all obtain because sometimes we don’t suppress and just spit it out. Then, we hurt each other and the other person that you were hurting puts up the guard and starts defending themselves. They don’t even hear what the message is. What is it that is really hurting you? Why is it hurting you? That is why I always say that if you feel heat, do not speak. But once the heat is gone then, you need to sit down with love and kindness and be able to communicate your feelings. Be able to express to that person why that person hurt you and then, you give that person the opportunity to stop. Now, if after you express your feelings over and over with love and kindness the person doesn’t stop then, there is an issue and you are going to have to take action. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on you. It is not the other person. If you continue to live with people that you know are hurting you and even though after you express yourself they’re hurting you then, you have to reflect and reset on that. But being able to suppress temporarily is very different from suppressing for the long hold. What happens is that many people take that piece of paper that they committed that love to as a contract of love and they start allowing this suppression to destroy it. Little by little, you don’t say something that is bothering you and you destroy a little piece. You take away a little piece of that paper, that contract of love. Little by little the suppressing of your feelings destroys the contract of love. It happens over and over again in so many different relationships. This is why I want you to reflect, today, on what you are holding on to. That you’re not telling either your family and friends, your loved ones, your partner husband, wife, whoever it is. Somehow, we need to guess it. Many times, they don’t even know that they’re hurting you or they’re doing something that is annoying you and you just keep it to yourself. So today, I am going to ask you with love and kindness to stop suppressing your feelings and express them so that it doesn’t hurt your soul. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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