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Step-by-step you will get there!
Step by step, you will get to your goal. That is the reflection of the day. Yesterday, I had a speech coaching session with my speech coach that I hired about a little more than a year ago. I’ve been working with her on my spanish. I wanted to be able to communicate in spanish in a very efficient and eloquent way because I’ve been so serious about being able to create the movement, my social movement #YoDigoNoMás that is going to impact victims of sexual abuse. I realized that I was taking on a very serious and a very intense task and mission and order for me to be able to speak with government officials of different countries, presidents of different countries to be able to create legislations that are going to make a difference in the world and that are going to help us break this vicious cycle that I need to be able to communicate efficiently. The reason that I’m sharing this with you today is that yesterday, I was talking to my speech coach and I was telling her how I was having a conversation with someone of the different things, exercises and the different techniques that she has put me through for about a year. Then, I was thinking of how I have to translate for someone and the way that I was able to translate so fluently, made me realize the impact that all of these weekly sessions that I’ve had with her had gotten me to have this amazing way of being able to communicate in a way that I am comfortable. It is a powerful way of communicating and I realized that throughout the year, the weeks and the effort that I put into it, it has gotten me to this place where I can communicate better, I can articulate better and I feel more comfortable even in my own skin. So it made me think of so many other areas of my life where I start to visualize something that I want to do and then, step by step I start getting closer to that goal that I have set up for myself. Same thing with the marathon. I mean, I could go on and on when I think of my life where I start to visualize what I want to do and then, step by step I reach those goals. When I look back, it makes me realize how amazing it is to be able to be consistent and persistent. Consistency and persistence will get you there. It will get you to your goal. So today, I am asking you to reflect with me. What are the goals that you want to reach and then, be very very clear on those goals and make sure that you are taking steps every day, every week, every month, every year and without you even realizing it, you will reach your goal. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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