Sometimes you just have to let time resolve the situation

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Sometimes you just have to let time resolve the situation
Sometimes we need to let time drive. That is the reflection of the day. I was reflecting on the fact that there are times that we want to force a situation to move faster from a solution or resolution in which we have created a situation where maybe we’ve made a mistake and that mistake has affected the relationship that we have with someone that we care for and that person ultimately has changed and no matter what you say, no matter what you do, that person does not seems to be reacting in the way which could be close to a resolution of the situation. I find, you know, that this is something we all do. We go into this space where we are creating these stories of “What if I did this? Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. Maybe if I would have done this, the situation would have been different. Why did I make that mistake? I don’t understand. What am I going to do? You dwell in this turmoil like a hurricane and that turmoil starts destroying possibilities, destroying focus. More than anything, it destroys your focus. So what I am inviting you to do, today, is to really understand that when a situation looks like you’re not going to be able to resolve it and the time is needed, you need to decide that the energy that you have will not be focused on that situation. That you are going to let it go because no matter what you do, no matter what action you do, the outcome is not going to be the outcome that you want. Learning to let it go allows you to put that negative energy that you have inside of you to be focused on areas that are working in your life and letting those areas that are not working take it’s time to resolve the situation. Because I do have to tell you, time heals everyone, they say. Time resolves everyone. Sometimes, the resolution is that there is no solution and the relationship is over. But I think back to my situation with my first ex-husband, Franco’s and Jeffrey’s dad. A situation I never thought of then that this man will be talking to me. How we would be sitting at a Thanksgiving dinner enjoying and laughing with our children together. Guess what, it took a long time but it was resolved. When you try to force it, all you are doing is wasting energy. Energy that could be used to create a different life, a better life. To be correcting the mistakes that you’ve made. To be learning from the experiences, not dwelling on the experiences. Because when you are dwelling on it, it means you are dwelling in this turmoil. It’s really hard to focus and it’s really hard to learn because there’s so much feeling. So I’m inviting you, today, to reflect on a situation that you might be going through where you’re trying to force it and you’re trying to force a resolution when the resolution should not be forced because you could actually destroy every possibility of reconciliation, sometimes, when you try to force it. If the person says, “No!” Let it go! Then, hope for the best and pray for the best! But then, reflect, reset and reconnect with your life.

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