Sometimes to get to the impossible you need to destroy the possible

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Sometimes to get to the impossible you need to destroy the possible
Sometimes to get to the impossible, you need to destroy the possible. That is the reflection of the day. This is a reflection that comes to me after a conversation that I had about my movement yesterday. I was talking to the legal team in reference to having people come out and being able to tell their stories about sexual abuse in different plattforms that we’re creating for the movement. I realized how uncomfortable and impossible that seems. How do we go and help kids to be able to reach for help throughout different social media platforms. To be able to say, I am being raped and I need help! This is so foreign in a way, especially in the Latino community, that it seems like an impossible task. Now, we need to figure out a way to block or distort the voice when the person is talking. Do it anonymously. If somebody wants to do it anonymously, yes, do it! But if you want to be able to speak up, we need to be able to create the ability and the resources for people to be able to break their silence. We need to start talking about this. Because what the impossible is, is that since we have not been talking about sexual abuse, specifically. I am concentrating, right now, with the Latino Community. We have concentrated on keeping it silent. So, as we keep it silent, the abuser continues to abuse and the abuser continues to create other people that would become abusers. There is a correlation, many times, where the people that are abusing, doing sexual abuse, commiting sexual abuse. They are people that have been abused themselves. So there is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. That cycle is almost, when you look at it, like an impossible task. Because you’re talking about bringing out the fact that even the Latino family structure is broken. We have to recognize that this was difficult for me at the beginning. When I started talking about writing my book and talking about the fact that this is an issue, creating the movement, I felt like I was betraying my own heritage. But we have to concentrate on the impossible to be able to create something that is going to change history. We cannot just say, “Well, this is too uncomfortable. This hasn’t been done. This is the way that it is being done or this is the way that we need to protect.” We need to break away from this small mentality of the possible to be able to get to the Impossible. For me, the impossible is to be able to change the legacy of the Latino culture to be able to break the silence so that our foundation can start getting stronger. So that women and men could have a better relationship with their bodies and their minds. So that we can break the cycle of not being educated. All of that contributes when the innocence gets stolen. You destroyed the path of life. Destroying the path of life has major consequences. It has financial consequences. Relationships with money that are unhealthy. Toxic relationships that you bring into your life. Relationships that would continue to build destruction in the family structure. We are teaching our children. We are the example for our children. When we are stuck in this cycle of abuse, we are destroying the present generation and their future generation. That is why we have to think out-of-the-box, as they say. Think of the impossible and destroy what is possible, today, to get to greatness and to change this vicious cycle from destroying our foundation, our family structure and our future. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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