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Small daily deposits that create positive energy
Easy daily deposits. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I started thinking of how many times we reinforce our day with negative words and negative thoughts. Then, it results in negative stressful days. My goal in my life is to be able to turn everyday into a positive, grateful day. I work hard at it every day by doing daily deposits. Sometimes, they seem so simple but yet, as you add them up, you begin creating this strong positive foundation that helps you really get as much as you can out of each day. Looking at the day in a positive, beautiful way, instead of saying another stressful day, OMG, things are just so difficult! Why does this life have to be so difficult? Can change if we start doing little deposits. I’m going to give you an example that is so simple and most people might not even think of it. We use passwords for everything. We get into the office, we have passwords to our screen, we have passwords to get into the bank and we have passwords to access different softwares we are using. I find that I found an opportunity to feed my soul positive words in passwords. So I use very positive words of hope, words of love, words of kindness and I can keep going but I do not use any password words that don’t have a meaning. Only something that’s going to bring a smile to my face, something that is going to make me feel good, something that is going to give me hope. That’s what I do. I realized that as I do that, I don’t just use them in the password but I use them in so many ways when I am communicating with people. So I want you to reflect on the words that you use on a daily basis and even the words that you’re using for your passwords. If they are negative, well let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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